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How much time do you have left?

Think about everything you could accomplish if you lived your life as if you knew how much time you had left.    The lowly parking meter is not unlike the Tikker Watch.  It shows a certain amount of time which you need to utilize as efficiently as possible.  You put money in the meter and attempt to get as much done as possible in the allotted time.   Sometimes you get lucky and are able add some time to the meter before it expires.  Unfortunately our lives don't work like that.  We only have a certain amount of time that life gives us.  You do not have extra change in your pocket to add "more life" so you can meet with your family once more or start a business or see...

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The Tikker Watch

This dew drop seems fragile and helpless in its environment.  However for its diminutive size it has a huge impact on so many organisms around it.  It can give the leaf it sits upon enough water it needs it needs to survive anther day. It can also slip off that leaf and help inumerous flora and fauna far below   Or it may just evaporate in the sunshine to help endless future generations.  The Tikker Watch is similar in the way it can improve the lives and life expectancy of those who embrace the concept of the watch   Keep the focused and move forward whether you keep it to yourself or share it with others.  Tikker Watch: Time is finite; what will...

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The Road to Nowhere?

It may sometimes feel like you're on a meandering road through a cold, unforgiving landscape leading to nowhere.   However, one of my mantras has been "You never really know what's around the next corner".  It could be good or bad but as an optimist even when things are bleak I think the next corner is where the treasure lies.  Imagine riding in your convertible, along a warm coast highway, with an engaging companion at your side... instead of that stressful bleakness some call life.   Yes I understand words are easy and life has more challenges than can possibly be written in a few sentences.   However, it's the hope, desire and dedication that overcomes the hurdles.   Take the next exit off that icy highway and see where it leads.  You may indeed find yourself with...

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Another Sunset

Have you ever noticed the pilgrimage of people that occurs at sunset? It happens virtually every time. People will stop what they are doing and walk towards the water and stare at the horizon. It's not just beautiful it is also mesmerizing. There is no conversation yet a silence heard by everyone. The thoughts, memories, and emotions are be endless. Sadly the sun sets and another day is gone never to be seen again.  Was your day many wasted seconds or was it productive and meaningful?              

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