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How much time do you have left?

Think about everything you could accomplish if you lived your life as if you knew how much time you had left.    The lowly parking meter is not unlike the Tikker Watch.  It shows a certain amount of time which you need to utilize as efficiently as possible.  You put money in the meter and attempt to get as much done as possible in the allotted time.   Sometimes you get lucky and are able add some time to the meter before it expires.  Unfortunately our lives don't work like that.  We only have a certain amount of time that life gives us.  You do not have extra change in your pocket to add "more life" so you can meet with your family once more or start a business or see another sunset.  However the magic behind that ticking meter is that you try to accomplish as much as possible before your time is up.   In life, you don't know exactly how much time you have left so why not pretend you're always trying to beat the meter.  This is the entire concept behind the Tikker Watch. It will act as your own personal parking meter and encourage you take on new challenges and risks... do more for yourself and others... chase those dreams... and live as if you know that meter is about to show "Time Expired".


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