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What is The Tikker Watch?

The Tikker Watch Concept:

Through a simple calculation and questionnaire you can determine an estimate of your life expectancy or when "death" may occur.  This number is then entered into the Tikker Watch and so begins a countdown of your estimated life expectancy.

The purpose is to remind you that time is your most valuable asset and to waste it is a waste of your life.   Use this finite asset in the best possible way whether it's finding a new job, exercising, eating a healthier diet, losing weight, reducing stress, or whatever it is you want to change in your life.   Do not regret not doing those things you should have done or should be doing.

You may have great genes, have healthy habits, experience your dreams, and live a long, long life.  Unfortunately your life may also be cut short due to an unfortunate accident or a rare disease that no amount of money or highly trained physicians can cure.

Being cautious about life can be good… as long as that caution doesn’t prevent you from experiencing the wonderful things life has to offer.  We must remember that it’s called “life expectancy” not “death expectancy”.

At Tikker, we believe a fulfilling life is about taking chances, setting goals, leading a healthy lifestyle, and seeing what the world has to offer.  We want and encourage you to lead a life you never thought possible.

The Tikker Watch is not just about life expectancy and the attempt to change your entire life.   I can also be used in various other ways that may not seem so daunting.

Retirement and other uses

Many of us baby boomers are thinking about retirement.   A unintended use for the watch has been the ability to enter the day you are scheduled to retire or when you want to retire.   There are many people who know exactly when they are going to retire.  If you work in the public sector and you know you want to retire when you've put in 25, 30, or 35 years then just enter the time until that day and you can see the time fly by as you approach that day.  This of course also works for the private sector also.  Sure you'll get that retirement gold watch but why not count the days until that day comes with the Tikker Watch.

Customers and companies also buy the watch as a personal or group goal timer. For instance, if you want to lose 10 pounds in 30 days you can program that time frame into the watch. If you work in an office and your team has a project that is due in 6 months you can program that time frame too. The motivation of the watch does not have to be about your life expectancy and the attempt to change every habit you have. It can be used on a much smaller scale for simple, short term goals and can be reset for new goals or adjusted for goals that you have already entered.

Get The Tikker "Death" Watch today and start LIVING your life.


*The Tikker "Death Watch" is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a medical device or instrument to predict when you may die.   Please consult your doctor prior to modifying your diet or exercise regimen.