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Q: Does the Tikker Watch really give me the exact date I'm going to die?

A: No, the Tikker only gives a statistical estimate of your life expectancy based on your age and other criteria for each individual.

Q: Is the Tikker a "smart watch"?

A: No it is not.  The watch is a simple digital watch that you input your statistical life expectancy and the countdown begins.

Q: How do I calculate my life expectancy?

A: It's very simple.  The average life expectancy (based on governmental statistical information) minus your current age gives you the basis of your life expectancy.  For instance a female in the USA has an average life expectancy of 81 years.  If she is currently 50 years old then she would have a remaining life expectancy of 31 years.

Q: Is that really an accurate life expectancy number?

A: Yes and no.   If that person smokes, is overweight, has a poor diet, has a high stress level, and does not exercise then that number may be significantly lower.  However, if that person exercises regularly, doesn't smoke, drinks in moderation, and has low stress then that number may be significantly higher.

Q: If I can determine my own life expectancy then why do I need the Tikker Watch?

A: Honestly, you don't need the watch. You can lead your life in anyway you see fit.  However the watch is a designed to be a constant reminder to live your life in the most positive way possible by seeing how fast time goes by.  Use your time doing the things that influence you life in a positive way and you may live longer with those years being productive, less stressful, and high quality time with friends and family.

Q: It does seem a little controversial.  Why would I want it?

A: We agree that at first it's a difficult concept to grasp.  But once you understand and talk about the underlying message you will find yourself in discussions and conversations that would never arise without it.  People are fascinated by it and you'll have interactions with friends, family, and strangers that will open your mind to a host of new thoughts and behaviors.