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Stonehenge, The Great Sphinx, The Egyptian Pyramids and the Parthenon

You could argue that Stonehenge, The Great Sphinx, The Egyptian Pyramids and even the Parthenon are merely piles of rock. The thought that your legacy may end up as an uninspiring heap of stones should be unsettling. The awareness that you may be wasting time on the unachievable is ever present.  The outcome is never guaranteed, regardless of the effort put forth. However, the result of that effort may indeed impact countless generations you never thought possible. These future generations may be awestruck and inspired. Their way of thinking, doing, and reacting may decimate pessimism and unleash a storm of unimaginable creativity and progress. The populace may truly challenge itself to make good on otherwise empty promises. Use your time wisely and you may find yourself with a pile of rocks the world has been desperately waiting for.







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